Your GCSE Revision Plan Made Simple!

Fed up with arguing about revision?

Let us help take the pressure off (both of you!)

A great revision plan…

✅ Shows your child exactly what to revise, when.

✅ Makes sure everything gets covered in a MANAGEABLE way

✅ Removes all the guesswork and excuses (and arguing!)

✅ Stops your child from feeling overwhelmed

… makes a difference!

So how do you get them to make one?

Let's face it, they *could* spend HOURS drawing one up themselves, using 6 different highlighters, and making it look pretty (while not doing ANY actual revision 🙄) ...

OR... could let us show them how to make the easiest (and best) revision plan they'll ever make.

1. Generate the structure

They’ll get access to the FULL version of our revision plan generator.  Just pop in subjects and term dates, and with the click of a button…


They’ll have a plan generated for the entire year!

2. Take it for a test drive

There’s no point having an amazing plan if they can’t stick to it.  

By taking the plan out for a test drive over a week, they’ll know whether it’s going to work for them.   (You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without walking round the shop in them a couple of times first, right?)

3. Add the details

The details make the difference. 

By adding in topics to the plan, it takes away all the opportunities for excuses, guesswork, and procrastination!

...but that's not all!

Adding the topic detail is easy with our checklists for every subject.

(And… so is tracking their progress!)

It’s been so nice not to have a battle ground with my son as he knows what is expected of him and has the plan on his wall in his room. He would have spent HOURS writing his own and colouring it in rather than actually revising!

✅ Avoid overwhelm by breaking revision down into manageable chunks

✅ Generate an overall revision plan in minutes 

✅ Prioritise subjects as low, medium or high on your plan

✅ Access to a checklist for every subject and UK exam board

✅ Add in topic-level detail so that everything gets covered before the exams

✅ A mini-course that will talk your child through building a revision plan and STICKING to it!

✅ Keep your child on track so that they’re ready for anything the exams could throw at them

All for only £39!