GCSE Toolkit

Do you want to make sure your child is ready for their GCSEs?

The GCSE Toolkit will help your child get the best grades possible. It’ll also help you understand exactly what they should be doing and WHY, because knowledge beats nagging!

The Toolkit includes everything from subject overviews and checklists, to revision planning tools, as well as a Study Skills Bootcamp for students. You’ll get access for 4 weeks so that you can make sure your child is on track with their studies.

Why only 4 weeks? This is something that will make a huge difference, but only if they actually DO it. With a deadline, there’s a reason to make the time.

Also, the sooner they start using these tools, the more impact it’ll have on their results.

GCSEs are stressful, but not for those with a GCSE Toolkit at the ready.

Packed full of information and tools created by education experts, you’ll be able to help your child confidently work out what they want from life and get ready for anything exams may throw at them.

By building up study skills that will last them through school years to come, they’ll know how to learn faster so that stress is never an issue again. And, if your child needs some extra encouragement or assistance before sitting down to revise, there’s even ‘study skills bootcamp’ included in the package!

  • Save time by getting all the tools they’ll need for GCSEs in one easy to access place
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety of studying / exams with tips and advice from experts
  • They’ll have a plan for each subject and will know what to study

Still have questions? Check out ‘everything you need to know about the GCSE Toolkit‘!